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Fish Net

FishNet is part of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey, a global expedition documenting the world’s coral reefs in HD 360 deg imagery. In November 2015, nearly 1000km of reefs have been documented in 25 countries. Main focus of the survey is to capture the condition of the benthic community on the world’s coral reefs to create a baseline record against which future changes can be mapped. The imagery is available to the public on the Global Reef Record . The benthic community composition is analysed with the help of CoralNet an online repository and resource for benthic image analysis.

fish labelling
Labelling of fish is done in images, which stem from the downward-facing camera of the SVII. Each fish can be marked and labelled separately and will be used to train various algorithms developed for this project.

With FishNet we aim to quantify fish populations as seen in the images on the Global Reef Record. FishNet is currently been developed in collaboration with Prof. Franz’s laboratory at the Institute for Optical Systems, HTWG Konstanz in Germany. The idea is to use computer vision and machine learning to automatically extract fish numbers, identity and possibly even biomass. At present this project is in the development phase which relies heavily on the manual annotation of fish found in the images. In order to speed up the process of building the automated system, we have included the project in a massive open online course (MOOC) by Edx (Tropix 101x).

The plan is to also have a separate online tool available for people interested in identifying fish to help out with the project. This should be happening in the near future.

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Check out the video: Tropic101x - Final Project Task 2 Option 2 Instructions

fish families

fish families

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